Treatment Using Stem Cell for Knee Pain Injections Available in Northwest Indiana & Illinois

Arthritis, a long-term injury, or simply degenerative changes due to old age or wear and tear can all cause pain, stiffness and misery. Because knees are so important when it comes to active pursuits, many people with painful joints are forced to give up the pastimes they enjoy. In some cases even basic mobility can be affected. In many cases, stem cell knee treatment can help; providing an opportunity for the painful joint to repair itself.

Stem Cell for Knees Can Result in Joint Renewal

The stem cells we use are selected from the umbilical cord tissue of healthy babies. Umbilical cord tissue is rich in particularly adaptable, potent stem cells, which have the ability to replicate more frequently than those found in fat or bone. When injected into the distressed knee, along with growth factors and proteins which are also found in the umbilical tissue, the stem cells work actively in synergy with other compounds in the joint to reduce destructive inflammation and put in place the building blocks need for cell renewal and regeneration.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Pain Can Really Make a Difference

The procedure for administration of the therapy is straight-forward and rapid. In the majority of patients, only a single treatment is required before some changes are noticed. In some cases patients report an improvement only a few hours after treatment was completed. Widely accessible, almost anyone is suitable to receive this treatment. Reported side effects are few and relatively minor, so this is a low risk procedure that has the potential to give dramatic results.

Northwest Indiana & Illinois Treatment Using Stem Cell for Knee Pain

Our clinic is conveniently located for people who live or work in and around Northwest Indiana & Illinois. Our team is fully qualified and experienced in stem cell therapy; we will be able to answer all your questions, as well as give you the information you need to decide if the procedure is right for your needs. To schedule an appointment or find out more, call us at (844) 735-3637.